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POETRY FROM THE HEART - my own words dedicated to all the words left unspoken, the acts left undone - the love unlived unfulfilled -

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

the rest of the story is YOUR story...

who is this beautiful woman?
from where does she come?
who is the black-haired man? 
what is his involvement with her?
what is he thinking?  feeling?
what is she thinking?  feeling?
she is being sent away in bondage - or so it seems - is she?
if she is, what unpardonable sin has she committed -
what law broken that forces her into this exile -
to what and where is she being exiled and for how long -
does this exile include death? -
what is she saying to YOU?

what story do YOU see here?  feel here?
tell us in your comment - and don't be shy!


staceyjwarner said...

feels to me she and the man in the beard looking down were caught in a love afair that wasn't meant to be because of his place as king?

they both seem sad and forlorn for one another...

much love

Nevine said...

I see a strong woman with clenched fists and strength enough to rip that blasted chain away from her strong wrists that are not made to be imprisoned or defeated but are made to love and be loved and she has one hell of a fury in her dark eyes and one hell of a determination in that head encircled by black locks of hair and she will bring down this temple with that power she harbors inside. Let it be known - THIS WOMAN WILL NOT GO DOWN WITHOUT A FIGHT!

Whew! Now I feel better. Sorry, I just had to, Gypsywoman! :-)

Dulce said...

She has been a sinner of the time. Had love and sex wit a married man, who happens to be the one in the pic... But his power is over powered...
Hummmm. I wonder.


yes, stacey - quite possibly so i think - her rank is curious to me - because of the band in her hair - also because the man to the left whose necklace reminds me of a shaman seems to be bowing toward her

and i totally agree both are very very sad - tragically so -

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well, dulce - how's that for a succinct scenario!!! great! and possibly/probably very very close!


oh, nevine! you are too much! but quite right about her and her inner strength and physical prowess - but - here's the thing i think: she LOVES him! more than she loves herSELF - and so, she goes, and goes without protest but fists clinched in knowing she will never see him again - and knowing it can be no other way - and she does not blame him - her look forgives him even - but he, now, he has not and cannot forgive himself, i think!

so much fun to imagine, isn't it?

beautiful capture of feeling and emotion by waterhouse -

LOVE LOVE LOVE your scenario! way to go!

now, just have YOUR LADY go SLAM THAT DOOR over there - i still haven't heard the walls shaking with it slamming on that sorry sleazebag man!!!

Deb Kirkeeide said...

"Seriously Herod, THIS is my reward for all I've done for you?"

She stands condemned. Betrayed by the one she loves. Clearly she is strong, proud...he quite the opposite, as he cannot even look at her.

Love love love Waterhouse. One of my favorite artists.


EXACTLY, deb! herod was a bad boy! every time he left on a little jaunt, he gave orders for her to be executed in the event he did not return - but she had stood by him, even, knowing that! and who could not love waterhouse!!!

Calli said...

I cheat as I say ditto to deb's entire interpretation! ;)

The only thing I can add is my disdain for Herod's spinelessness...but I also see his human side and pity that in him.

Love Waterhouse! Love your posts!


oh, don't ever hesitate to ditto here, calli! i know what you mean - it's sometimes difficult to find words that have not already been used - and don't get me started on herod's spinelessness! my deal with him was his determination that she not survive past him - love is wanting the other to live and be happy no matter the cost to one's self - but, even in him, as in all, i try to see that human side that, for whatever reason[s], is incapable of more or different - it is i think that thing called the human condition perhaps - anyway, thank you so much for coming by - and who could NOT LOVE waterhouse!!!