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POETRY FROM THE HEART - my own words dedicated to all the words left unspoken, the acts left undone - the love unlived unfulfilled -

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Friday, June 11, 2010

the coffin...

the train slipped slowly away
taking him from her
like autumn’s falling leaves
sliding to earth

as they lose their bid for life
from their love host

from the love that had given them life
nourished them and they flourished

like her love now
drifting softly from her life

the sound of the rails tap tapping
to the beat of her heart
as she stood immobile stationary
watching her life disappear

into the smoke of the moving train
floating and dissipating into thin air

leaving the landscape of her life
now as barren as the leafless trees in winter

sucking the breath from her
into sweeping columns of grey
attaching to the dark metal box that
now served as the coffin of her life


lakeviewer said...

Oh, death rolling away when love is gone.
Stunning imagery.

Kay said...

damn trains! beautiful sentiment.

Roger Gauthier said...

Strange that you wrote this. I was listening to Orly by Brel yesterday. Not his best but still powerful, ending with those words filled with sorrow:

Elle a perdu des hommes
Mais là elle perd l`amour
L`amour le lui a dit
Revoilà l`inutile
Elle vivra ses projets
Qui ne feront qu`attendre
La revoilà fragile
Avant que d`être à vendre
Je suis là je le suis
Je n`ose rien pour elle
Que la foule grignote
Comme un quelconque fruit

Trains mean for me leaving my love behind to work faraway during whole summers. So much despair. But then four months later, back in town and hugging fiercely to her. Nobody dared touch her, they knew me well enough... that must be my Spanish streak.


Anonymous said...

I felt like I was there, truly. Feeling the vibration of the train, hearing the clack-clack on the rails, the love slowly ebb away. Very nice, beautiful.


greetings, lake! thank you for coming by - you know, i saw a few seconds of a tv movie one day - a woman standing on a depot platform waving goodbye to a man hanging out a window on the train - and i picked up a pen and started writing - and this is what i wrote - glad you enjoyed!


you're right, kay! damn those trains!!! and thank you for the kind words of sentiment - wonderful to see you - thanks so much for coming by!


and roger - what can i say! some train pulled up and you got on and were carried away - so glad you've made a return trip! wonderful to see you! hmmmm.....i read the lyrics you mention - yes, sorrowful - and interesting you were listening to them yesterday as this was posted - what's that thing about good minds? - separation is never easy but the homecoming makes up for a bit of it, doesn't it! beautiful little story of yours - thanks so much for sharing - hope yours is a beautiful day!


oh, sharla, coming from you, i am so humbled, lady! thank you so much - wonderful to see you - i'm so glad you came over - come again soon - and have a glorious day!