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poetry from the heart...

POETRY FROM THE HEART - my own words dedicated to all the words left unspoken, the acts left undone - the love unlived unfulfilled -

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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

the fractured moment...

she remembers the first time
that he made love to her


she could never forget
how she waited in that room
how the sound of his voice
booming from down the hall
bombarded her senses like
the salute of exploding cannon balls
how the thud of his heavy footsteps
coming closer and closer still
took away her breath
she didn’t know what to expect
but she knew that she expected

and then he’s there
sweeping into the room
a tsunami rushing the beach
standing in front of her
the gladiator stalking his prey
his woven net at the ready
his eyes immediately locking into hers
holding her thoughts ransom
leaving her unable to speak to think to move
to do anything but to be to feel
the touch of his hands
the taste of his mouth
how in that same captive look
he thrust his way into her
into her mind into her soul
his gladiator sword penetrating
piercing still through
all the barriers long defended
delving down deeper and deeper until
he held hostage her heart as well
all in that single

moment of fractured time
in which she knew she was forever lost
lost in torrents of lust and love
the land from which she never would escape
nor would she ever try
she knew she would remain there
forever confined to that place
without barriers without bars
forever of her own free will
because she could be nowhere else
than this - this place in time - with him
this place, this now was her home
the place she belonged
with him

his burning passion -

her flaming eyes
blinked -

and there - there he was - still
still so close to her
she barely could breathe
holding out his long lean arm
to her and saying,

“Hello, I’m Vince!
It’s so nice to meet you!”

yes, she remembers
the first time
he made love to her


Nevine said...

Oh my God, Jenean! I'm crying. I swear I am... I'll tell you why... This is exactly what my husband said to me the first time he met me. Exactly. Except, he said, "Hello, I'm Vincent." Without the "Vince." Yes, my love's name is Vincent. The Conqueror. Of my heart and soul. I swear, this, you, I'm just so, crying, Jenean. So beautiful. Thank you.



my friend's name is vincent, also - i'm the only one who calls him the full name however - he calls himself vince - and when he said that all his friends call him vince, i said, well, i'll be calling you vincent, cause i'm way more than them - and so - i do - but the day we met, he called himself vince -

and this is exactly what transpired the first time we met - exactly -

how uncanny your story! now, don't tell me he's a sagitarius cusping with scorpio!

staceyjwarner said...

How delightful and I love that Nevine was thrilled...

great love here!

Nevine said...

My Vincent is not a Sagittarius. He's a Libra, and a full-blooded right in the middle Libra. But his friends call him Vince, too. And yes, I'm the only one who calls him Vincent, because, just like you, Jenean, I thought to myself "I'm way more...". Wow!


hey lady stacey! so glad to see you here - thanks so much for coming by with all that you have going on - hope little boy is all better now! and mommy recovered from the road trip, as well! but don't you love road trips? i'm always ready! yes, neat about nevine's story, isn't it? small small world!


hmmm...full-blooded libra! my youngest daughter is a true libra, too!

don't you love coming across parallels? thanks for sharing!