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POETRY FROM THE HEART - my own words dedicated to all the words left unspoken, the acts left undone - the love unlived unfulfilled -

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

handyman handyman...

went to bed last night 
wasn’t nothin’ right
no bing in my life ain’t got no zing
so many things needin’ fixin’
but what’s a girl ta do
some things just take two
course, i do what i can
but i need me a handyman

went to bed last night and just couldn’t sleep
wound up thinkin’ ‘bout countin’ some sheep
tossed and turned and tossed some more
had a little fever that couldn’t be ignored
curled up like a baby and sucked my thumb
but sleep wouldn’t come
course i do what i can
but i need me a handyman

went to bed last night and by mornin’s light
fever’s so high thought i’d ignite
feeling all tired and blue
sweet tastin’ exilir long overdue
but there i was home all alone
all dressed up in just my cologne
course i do what i can
but i need me a handyman

went to bed last night stayin’ in bed till noon
kept thinkin’ bout that big ‘ole moon
lay there in my bed with my head in my hand
gettin’ real tired of a life all bland
so i got up and found those yellow pages
ain’t gonna be livin’ them dark ages
course i do what i can
but i’m gonna git me a handyman


Gemel said...

You seem to mirror the inner yearnings of my soul at present......

Roger Gauthier said...

Woohoo... this is indirection at its roots. I love this, do not know what to make of it but love it...

Tell me, Lady Jenean, what does it really mean? Really really really?

Or do not tell me, I will interpret it as I please, because after all once you've published it, its very meaning escapes you!



gemel, and there are many more of us here, there, everywhere, i'm sure - sadly [sigh....]


oh, man from the cold, like you said, it's whatever you think it to be - sorry can't visit more but i'm shifting through all these yellow pages as i type...

Marion said...

Great post...and I have a print of that Modigliani in my living room. We had a serious bout of synchronicity here. Blessings!


oh, hey marion - yes, synchronicity for sure!! speaking of which, have you been over to the "ofscarabs" blog of rob and trish macgregor yet? if not, you have to go check them out and tell them i sent you! you'll love their great great blog on synchronicity -

neat about our modigliani!!! don't you just love it when synchronicity happens??????

have a great day!

Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Oh, this is a cool synchro, Jeanean!


oh, great! thanks trish! and did i mention marion is from louisiana?

Deb Kirkeeide said...

I love this! Can't help but think it should be the lyrics to a grinding blues song! The Handyman Blues.

where did I put MY yellow pages?


oh, thank you, deb!!! LOL!!! yep, i can hear the blues and feel the grindin' slow-dancin' right now!!!! piano keys tap tap tappin - the big strings strummin' - oh, yea!!!!

Dulce said...

Your words touch me
What a beatiful picture you depict here
thanks for thsi and everything!

Sweet hugs


so glad you like, dulce!!! come back soon!

The Abbot said...

I'm with Deb on this one....I can really hear it now.

Nevine said...

This is such a sweet and simple feeling, this need for your handyman. It reads like candy swirling around in one's mouth. I enjoyed this so much, Jenean!



trevor - glad you liked - thanks so much for kind words - much appreciated!


dear nevine - your words always brighten my day! thanks so much!

Calli said...

I'm with all the others. I LOVE this, Gypsy!
Deb's got the right idea...a grinding blues song! I can hear it now!

Handyman is a great idea but he must have true handyman skills to go along with those 'other' skills: He must possess carpentry and plumbing skills and know how tile a roof and update gutters...hahaha!

Does he even exist? haha! Shall be lots of fun finding out! ;)


hey calli - yes, does he even exist? well, if we all keep searchin' those yellow pages, we should soon find out!!! :)