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POETRY FROM THE HEART - my own words dedicated to all the words left unspoken, the acts left undone - the love unlived unfulfilled -

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Saturday, November 21, 2009

the pretenders...

the day they met
how could she forget
she’d found him in the phone book
the sound of his name drew her like a hook
she would say the words aloud
wrapping each in a mystical shroud
letting the syllables linger on her lips
tasting their softness like a lunar eclipse

she wondered of the spell they seemed to cast
the likes of which were unsurpassed
and so she waited debated over and over
carrying his number like a four leaf clover
then came the day she could no longer wait
she dialed his phone and sealed her fate
he did not just walk into the room
oh, no, he stormed into her life like a sonic boom
his passion striking with the speed of sound
and from that moment their love was bound
their fire and love did them enslave
merging and igniting their own shock wave
when they were together nothing else did exist
nothing mattered at all save their sweet kiss
their other lives became the means to an end
possible only for the life of pretend

and so it went moment by heated moment
one surrendered one stolen without a hint
or so they hoped or so they thought
but what if their ways would have them caught
and innocents would suffer at their hands
this her loving heart could not withstand
it would never be him to make the break
it was for her to love forsake
she tried once and then tried twice
but unable to leave she paid the price
until the day she knew had come
it was now or never or both succumb  
with heart so heavy she made her way
to tell him goodbye on that sad day
her words struck them both like an icy death
neither able to speak or get their breath
they stood embraced in disbelief
unable to grasp the depth of their grief
their tears a river would make
they tried to be strong for the other’s sake
whispering their love in sobbing quivers
knowing their lives were now mere slivers
of what they had cherished for such a short time
a love unknown by most true love sublime
but coming not in fate’s right time

she thinks of him now she thinks of them
and neither their time nor their love does she condemn
nothing in their lives really has changed
their hearts remain faithful their bodies estranged
their other lives again the means to an end
possible still with the life of pretend


linda said...

my dear, it is my humble opinion that you need to write for harlequin or one of those publishing companies that publish romance novels....you could turn this so easily into a couple hundred pages or so, couldn't you?

my son has a close friend whose mother has written them for years under some strange pseudonym and makes buckets of money! and she's a good writer too...well, I am laying around thinking too much tonight so there's some for you....lucky you be :)

linda said...

haha, your little mappie thing says I live in rio oso, wherever in the world that is...just a scant bit offbase...but it's fun, I may have to steal it for my sidebar, not that I have a place for it :)

Nevine said...

I loved this to bits, Gypsywoman. But I have to admit that my favorite part was the title - because it gives a different spin to the reading of the entire piece. I read the piece first, then went back and read the title... and stopped to think... something was not quite jiving... and then reread it and saw what you meant to say. Beautiful!


Keith said...

Hey there. Thank you always for your comments. I appreciate you pointing out this blog of yours to me. This is wonderful. I love it. I'll definitely be sure to check it out more. How are you doing today? I hope you've been having a fantastic weekend. Take care. Have a great week ahead. Cheers!

Jimmy Bastard said...

Thank you for the invite, it was a journey across well worth making.


oh, linda, girl, i could take a post-it note and turn it into a thousand pages [brevity has never been my forte'] :)

hmmmm.....very interesting about the harlequin writer - thanks for mentioning -

yes, and i love the little neoearth map thingey - it's really neat to see all the places around the globe that have come your way, although i am not sure i'll extend pass the freebie period - but, i do enjoy it - you should try it, for sure!

as always, lady, your notes mean a lot and i so appreciate your coming over!


good morning nevine - thank you so much for always leaving such insightful comments which i really appreciate - glad you liked! have a wonderful day!


oh, hi keith! great to see you here and thanks for the note! please feel free to come by any 'ole time! :)

well, the day thus far is chilly and mostly cloudy - fairly typical november day - but yesterday was absolutely gorgeous with sunshine and warm temps! just trying to gear up mentally for all the inherent little things coming up next week -

thanks again for the visit - and have a wonderful remainder of the weekend - and happy turkey week!


there you are, jimmy! thanks so much for making such a journey! very nice to see you here! have a lovely upcoming week!

Roger Gauthier said...

You are a very complex woman, Jenean. Non of your works/poems can be really understood if not put into a more general context.

Some themes come back and keep coming back. Your poem spins like a dangerous maelstrom and drags me with such a force that I can feel it.

And I must resist: It would destroy me, me being made of ice and all.

The Ice Poet :-))))

Roger Gauthier said...

Made a typo above apparently. I obviously meant "NONE of your works/poems..."


good morning ice poet - ah, but i keep saying that there is nothing at all dangerous about me or about my little words!

however, i am very flattered that anything i might offer could have such an impact upon a cold-steel-hearted man of ice such as yourself, dear sir!