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poetry from the heart...

POETRY FROM THE HEART - my own words dedicated to all the words left unspoken, the acts left undone - the love unlived unfulfilled -

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

the hope...

hear my tears that are not wept
        this the only hope she kept
know the words left unsaid
        for to another was he wed


Chuck Dilmore said...

hope she realizes
that with her beauty
and with her love she will find and have
The One.

Cyrus Rumi said...

Deep words...loved it!:)


Roger Gauthier said...

Moving... and what a sad picture. Sad sad sad... even I could be touched and forget.

Look at her, tears are not faraway, she's lost hope, knowing that this other one loves with honour.

Those beautiful lines are about the most important things in life: a first love, a forbidden love, honour, and despair.

Happiness, like hope, is a dreadful thing.


oh, thank you, chuck - always the perfect thing to say! you're a sweetheart!

and, by the way, would you happen to have his number? :)


cyrus, thank you very much - deeply appreciated - have a wonderful day!


and roger, thank you for speaking of honor - truly the essence of it all in this circumstance - what good is anything, even love, at the expense of others - sometimes the only way to show love truly is to not take love when it comes along - even at the expense of your own heart, your own life and your own love - for how can one engagingly love and dishonor simultaneously? and for how long can one of honor bear that burden? - the price of love can be very high, indeed, can it not? dishonor - or a broken heart with tears not wept and words unspoken -

linda said...

your commenters have some words almost as sad as your little poem....despair, love lost, yikes, lady, cheer up soon! :)

beautiful, btw...


oh, girl, that's true, isn't it - but, please know that i AM happy - i am happy to have had what i had what i know i still have - happy for that taste divine! however, it does seem my little poems reflect the other side of that, i know! it's a practice in exorcism! but you're so so sweet to always see the underside! thank you! hugs -

Roger Gauthier said...

Well well well. I felt compelled to add a little something. Being what and who I am, it had to be a bit convoluted, right? So I wrote it in French, partly in old French, and in such a way that no automatic translator can make any sense out of it. In fact, probably only Frenchmen can really get it.:-)

I had a good laugh writing it, and I hope you laugh realising how I can twit someone from time to time.

BTW, those are true to form octosyllabic verses. Poetic? Rather not. Funny? Well, it's a matter of perspective... :-)))

Non mais qu'ouïs-je, mais qu'entends-je
Causé-je tristesse, désespérance
Honte, horreur, malédiction
Quelle errance, droit point j'avions

Point obligé-je, là je corrigions
Là nous y sommes, je disions
Adieu sourire, place au rire
Creuse est la phrase, c'est bien le pire

I have more, but that should do. Whaddayatinke?

(Google Translator does a horrendous job out of it, but Yahoo Translator beats them all! It's so funny... Well, OK, I, at least, am laughing.)


oh, roger, i am unable to find the translator on yahoo, for heaven's sake!!! i did try google but i can see what you mean about its translation - so - perhaps you might be kind enough to allow me the humor of it all and translate the "real" meaning as only you can and only you know? yes? :)

Roger Gauthier said...

Oh but what do I hear, what do I discover
Have I caused sadness and despair
Shame, horror, anathema
I did not have the right to make such a mistake

I don't press it, and I make amends
Here we are, I was saying
Good-bye smile, welcome laughter
Hollow are the words, this is awful

... or words to that effect. Really hard to translate in fact. There is mockery here, including self-mockery that's for sure.

Before that, I had written something else that I did not send. The idea was, you cannot write what you write without having experienced both happiness and sorrow. No way. So it is perfectly OK to feel so, and to say so. It's not, say, unhealthy.

As Hélène told me some time ago: "Now I really can play Chopin. I know what it's all about." Because, of course, she played it beautifully in her teens. But now it can break your heart listening to it. She knows a lot.

Have a good night, gypsywoman.

Roger G.

Roger Gauthier said...

... and here is what Yahoo Translator made out of it:

Not but qu' ouïs I, but qu' I hear
Causé I sadness, despair
Shame, horror, curse
Which wandering, right point j' planes

Not obliged I, there I corrected
There let us be there we, I said
Good-bye smile, place with the laughter
Dig is the sentence, c' is well the worst

Woohoo!... Pretty funny.


as usual, roger, having read your words now more than a few times, you know, listening, letting them sink in, absorbing, listening some more, i am moved by them each one and thank you for the degree of thoughtfulness they send - but, you know, i think there is no such thing as a mistake of the heart - how can there be, i wonder -

oh, and that google translation - yes, you can see how i was a bit confused to say the least - but it, now IT was funny!!! :)

thanks again, man from the cold - brrr......


oh, sir cold - i was thinking of what you said about helene - i am sure that her playing now brings such a deeper depth of beauty and feeling to it, like you said, and that it must be truly magical to hear - good for her!

linda said...

and yes, chopin can do nothing but break your heart... once i had a man who had his "ideas" of what he "thought" he wanted from me, never bothering to ask being a man and all, and so, he sent me a cd of chopin instead... and you know, he almost had me swooning{in my head} after that because of that damned cd! I can hardly believe I am admitting it but it's just us kids, right? and sir cold started it with his own brand of poetry that equally held me for a few extra minutes pondering and wishing I could speak old french, how lovely would that be if there was someone who could understand me? such a beautiful language, in a past life go I...

dear gypsy, imagine all the fun you could have?

and now goodnight all~


dear dear linda!!! girl, you were on a tear last night, weren't you!!! too too funny - i'm STILL LOL!!! love your man story - been there saw the movie and got up and left, too! [the man thing] - but i do know what you mean about chopin! dear heavens! and i'm sure sir cold will relish your remarks about him - he does have a way with the words, doesn't he? and french, to boot!

and not to worry, it really IS just us kids here! :)

Roger Gauthier said...

"being a man and all"

...Oh mamma mia. Holy cow. Santa Pizza! You jokin', women, a course... I think I will remain hidden in the midst of this fog we have here tonight. Perhaps make a fire in the forest and sit in front of it with my woman, holding hands and listening to the woods loud silence.

Ou peut-être nous perdre dans les étoiles, si nombreuses qu'on dirait un coup de pinceau en blanc sur noir. De temps à autre, une aurore boréale.

Hélène frissonne dans mes bras. C'est le temps de rentrer, un baiser plein de promesses.

The Prophet Who Came From The Cold


well, i would think you'd want that to be a wee little fire if you don't want to be found by the likes of these wild banshees over here!