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POETRY FROM THE HEART - my own words dedicated to all the words left unspoken, the acts left undone - the love unlived unfulfilled -

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Friday, February 19, 2010

the perfect attire...

their lives have
now become the imitation
of their wardrobes

lives of meticulous perfection
lives of appropriate attire
not too low
not too high
not too
lives of soundless severity
coifed and polished
and neatly crisply put away
for another day
to be shown displayed
at the right time
the right place
with the right people
the passion of their
life now relegated
to the accessories
on the table of marriage
a touch of red here and there
in just the right spot
artificially lit
dimmed at the switch
coloring flaws invisible
a crystalline heart empty
except for special occasions

holding a bouquet of
life plucked from the earth

life within bounds
the decanter of life’s experiences
only partially drunk

not too much
not too little
just right
he has his place
she, hers

and never the twain to meet
but for the neat linen fabric

of the dinner table
he feigns not his disdain
of her of their life together

his chair turned and open
ready for quick retreat
for his withdrawal
from her
from them

and she
she has her place
and lives it well
pulled tightly against
the hard surfaces of her life

of their marriage
the hard surfaces of him
her neck strained
strained from the
strained reality of
their marriage
of her strained existence
the downward slant of
facial expressions painting
the family portrait

with vague memories
of youth’s precious jewels
held in place
by the smallest
most discreet remnants of
sparkle in the imitation locks

and her porcelain hands laid in
perfect unison perfectly
grasping the holy sacrament

in covert defiance of dionysus
and so they sit in silence
indifferent apathetic silence
in their indifferent marriage
their indifferent lives  
dressed in their
perfect attire
of black

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Deb Kirkeeide said...

Sadly, this is how so many live in their marriages. Out of a sense of "duty" or the feeling that there is no other choice.
what a perfect story for this painting.


hey, deb! this is a perfect example of how i see an image and then let it tell its own story and i simply write down what it tells me - and, you're right i think about marriages that continue on out of a sense of duty or "for the children" [my favorite excuse] - or that is how i see a lot of conventional marriages, anyway - sadly so -

Dulce said...

Beautiful depiction of a tiresome marriage and no way out... Stuck to monotony...

Perfect work G.!


hey dulce! wonderful to see you over here! and yes, doesn't her expression just scream tiresome!!! it reeks monotony - and rigidity and decorum and frigidity - and the list goes on -