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we all are gypsies of a sort wandering traveling through this life other lives space and time here there and yon on roads less traveled - this is a written and visual journal of my own travels - imagined and/or real - come along with me - we'll dance among the stars under the sun and over the moon - we'll share our stories of love around the campfire - come along -

poetry from the heart...

POETRY FROM THE HEART - my own words dedicated to all the words left unspoken, the acts left undone - the love unlived unfulfilled -

i dance with you...only in dreams...

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Sunday, May 2, 2010

it came gradually...

he sits
in a room
void of life
his back to the open windows
virgin white sheers blow
the particles of his shattered life
blue walls wrapping
his slumped skeleton in the rigid chair
still he sits
staring at the cold hard floor
his lonely arms limp in his lap
he sits
and stares
but his eyes
are met with nothing
but emptiness
nothing on either side
of them
everything blank
he wonders
where it all went
those things that
are no more
that have ceased to exist
that have disappeared
from his sight
his hearing
his touch
his lips
from his very life
where are they now
her eyes
her lips
the sound of her
the feel of her
her love
her life
their life
and now
his own life
where are they now
and so
he sits
in a life

of all
for her
it had come upon her gradually
her vision was the first to go
the first to no longer behold
the image of him
as though he had been seized
held captive by the shadow world
her eyes no longer
to hold him
caress him
and then
it had come upon her mouth
her lips lost their succulent pout
drained of their fullness
their very life
lips that had once
tasted his sweet spirit
lips that knew
the secrets of his soul
her lips no longer
to taste him
and then
it had come upon her hearing
the loss of sound
sounds now in whispers
whispers stretched from afar
from yesterday
now straining struggling
to reach the shores
of her own soul
the soul she once had shared
with him

sounds now silent
and then
it had come gradually
upon her touch
fingers that once had
harbored his heart
that once cradled his soul
embraced his love
fingers whose unique prints
now were etched from his life
with the acid of time
touch no longer touching
next came the loss of smell
his body’s bouquet
his sweet smellin’ spirit
that once had lit the way
out of her own darkness
the fragrance of his love
now cast into a thousand
wisps of windblown time
and with the loss of these
these filaments of her
there remained only
her mind
her heart

her mind now splintered
into fragments
it too began to disintegrate
to dissolve
into tarnished memories
memories tainted by
that demon time
and so there now remained
only her heart
the heart that once
beat only to the rhythm of him
fading now into that forest
of forbidden love
the heart that once had beat
to the drums of ancient mariners
upon the shores of antiquity
HER heart
her heart whose life flow
was conjoined with his
her heart that beat
as one with his
without him
slowed to shallow pulses
flickering dimly in the night
of her sorrow
her heart that now
without him
broken and shattered
as it was
was destined
to go as well
to go
suffering the same fate as
all the other parts of her
disappearing into the dank void
of what had been
and so it was that
it came upon her gradually
upon herself
her SELF
was the last to go
to go gradually
no longer distinguishable
from the ruined remains
now littering the floor
of the blank 

blue walls
that had

it is


Dulce said...

Oh my Goddess!
Woman- this piece is extraordinary! So sad the end of a life and another...the loss...

I need to hold on all my senses and feel them to the fullest... with or without him... for that's the way it is...That's the way this
Brilliant poem brings to me...

Roger Gauthier said...

So you know.

This is what life is about. Nothing. An absurdity. I could tell you... but what would be the point?

I told you once... Pain, suffering. Broken hearts. I desperately love a woman, almost loved a few others, but I think that I always hated life.

lakeviewer said...

Oh my, all here, the end of self, of everything that makes one feel human.


dulce, i understand what you are saying, but what of senses without love and passion??????

thanks so much for coming by lady! always love your wonderful comments! have a glorious day!


and lake - yes - loss of love can truly be loss of all, don't you think? wonderful to have you come by and leave me such words which truly make my day! thank you!


oh, but dear roger - what you must have suffered to leave you where you are in your nothingness now having always hated life! would that i could but wave a magic wand to show you where i have been -

it's so wonderful to see you here again - i was just at your place and see that you taking a different path for now - am hoping it does not have you stray too far afar - the campfire is not quite as bright without your presence!

thanks for coming by, roger! have a glorious day up there in that beautiful land of the cold!

Nevine said...

Jenean, you describe with such eloquence, the feelings of lost love, the feelings of being ALONE, after one has been TOGETHER. You enter both psyches, his and hers. And you explore deep inside them. And we all want to know what's inside.


Gemel said...

Life, love, love, life, it is all such a passionate journey. We love and lose, and love some more, we close our eyes and then suddenly it has all changed again...
The pain is all worth it, for to have loved and lost, is, as they say better than to have never loved at all.. x


dearest nevine - it's really wonderful how you always really "get" what it - you know, these little words came about as a result of a very brief, seconds only, really, scene i caught of a sam shepard movie the other day [don't even know the name of the film] - but the scene was him sitting in a large room of blue walls with his back to a wall of windows with white sheers blowing in the ocean breeze - and he sat in that chair with his head bowed, consumed in sorrow over the apparent loss of his lover - it was one of those one in a million magnificent scenes one never forgets - and the inspiration for these little words -


gemel, you said it, lady!!! ah, the bitter sweet sorrow even as it is bitter of having love and lost being so so much better than never to have tasted that sweet elixir of love!

Deb Kirkeeide said...

For the second time today, I am moved to tears by such wonderful and emotional writing. (might be time to explore what's beneath these tears, eh?!)


oh, dear deb - bless your heart - well, you know, for me, it's always time to explore what's beneath -
i'm moved that you were so moved -

Calli said...

This is a treasure, Jenean. I too am very moved. The heart can so relate (my heart) many hearts can relate to having and holding such a love and then to have it become something else, whether through death, or parting or whatever the case may be...*sigh*...

Beautiful writing!


yes, something we have all experienced i think, calli - thank you so much for your kind words here and for coming by - have a glorious day!